Mountain School

Mountain School

Teaching a great lesson is not just about getting you down the mountain safely. It's also not about making you look good (although that comes with the territory!). It's about giving you a life-long skill that will provide you with joy.

When you learn how to ski or snowboard, you are participating in sports that are always changing and evolving, and that will continue to challenge and inspire you. And that is what makes our jobs at mountain school so much fun -- each lesson is exciting!

Mount Peter has offered FREE beginner lessons on weekends and holidays for years, and we have taught thousands of people how to ski and snowboard. Our lessons are taught by the best PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America) and AASI (American Association of Snowboard Instructors). Our Mountain School Director has been certified as a member of the PSIA Development Team. This means that our already outstanding level of teaching has been moved up even higher.

Our learning center, Snow Basin, has a SunKid Carpet lift. The Basin Carpet Lift will make your first time on the slopes even easier!

Director Robert Gallo - Level PSIA Dev TeamBesides our excellent Mountain School, we also have a nationally recognized ski race program, along with development programs for both skiing and snowboarding. Our Race Team Director was recently named 2013 USSA Alpine Coach of the Year, and our race programs turn out top achievements.

Our instructors and racing staff love everything about winter and the great sports that the season brings. We love the wonderful feeling of accomplishment, a bit of adrenaline in the crisp winter air, followed by a cup of hot cocoa in the lodge. We want to share that feeling with you, and to help you find joy and excitement on the slopes.