Tubing Responsiblity Code

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Always show courtesy to others and be aware that there are elements of risk in tubing that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce. Observe the code listed below, and share with other tubers the responsibility for a great tubing experience.

1 – Observe all posted signs and warnings. Keep off the tubing slope when it is closed. No other sliding type apparatus such as sleds, toboggans, etc. are permitted. No skiers or snowboarders are allowed on the tubing slopes except Safety Patrollers.

2 – You must take responsibility for your own safety. If you are unsure of your ability to ride the tube safely, DO NOT TUBE. Parents must be responsible for their children. SINGLE TUBES are for use only by persons 42 INCHES AND TALLER. TANDEM TUBES are for use only by children 36-48 inches AND AN ADULT. Children between 36 and 42 inches wishing to snow tube must be accompanied by an adult on a tandem tube.

3 – LITTLE TIKES TUBING PLAY AREA is for children under 42 inches.

4 – CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 12 MUST be accompanied by AN ADULT. Adults may not just purchase a ticket and proceed to allow children into the park alone.

5 – ONLY ONE PERSON MAY RIDE ON THE SINGLE TUBE. Two persons or more on a single tube is strictly prohibited.

6 – No unsafe behavior is allowed. YOU MUST SIT ON THE TUBE.

7 – Always leave a reasonable amount of room between yourself and other tubers. Do not start down the track until the previous tuber has cleared the bottom of the hill and you have been instructed by an attendant to start.

8 – Tubers ahead of you have the right of way. It is your responsibility to avoid them.

9 – After stopping at the bottom, LOOK UP AND STAY OUT OF THE WAY of other tubers coming down the hill. Be especially alert while walking at the bottom toward the lift.

10 – If you fall off your tube, remount your tube and ride to the bottom or walk quickly to the bottom KEEPING ALERT FOR OTHER TUBERS and slippery areas. LISTEN for instructions from a tubing attendant.

11 – Never leave your assigned track. If you become separated from your tube and it goes in another track, follow the instructions of the attendant.

12 – If you have a collision with another tuber resulting in injury, it is your responsibility to stay at the collision site until the Safety Patrol arrives. Please cooperate with the Safety Patrol.

13 – Management reserves the right to refuse/revoke tubing to those they feel are riding or behaving in an unsafe manner.

14 – Wear appropriate clothing including warm layers, waterproof pants and gloves, hat, and sturdy boots with treaded soles, NO SKI BOOTS or HARD SHELLED BOOTS. Examples of footwear that is not acceptable is women’s wedge boots, rain boots, sneakers, etc..

15 – Management may modify this code as necessary to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all visitors at Mount Peter.

16 – Dogs are not permitted on the premises.

17 – Keep your belongings safe. Mount Peter is Not Responsible for any loss, theft or damage.

18 – Mount Peter is not responsible for any typographical errors or omissions in any advertisement or other printed material.

19 – Any tickets purchased thru any vendor other than Mount Peter are not valid and will not be accepted at ticket counter.

20 – Upon entering Mount Peter your image or likeness may be used in promotional material for Mount Peter. Mount Peter reserves the right for your image or likeness to be used in its promotional material.

This is a list of some helpful and necessary guidelines for tubing. Be safety conscious. Violations of this code can lead to loss of tubing privileges, without warning and without refund. You can be legally liable for your actions.